A Pastor's Heartbeat


Hello and Happy New Year, welcome to Joy City, I’m your host, Stuart Welch the Lead Pastor of Life Connection Church located in Modesto, CA. I’m joined by my co-host, Bro. J.C. (really pastor JC). If you are familiar with the show, thank you for your support and encouragement – if you are new to the show, I want to welcome you and let you know that our central theme is God Almighty and our relationship to Him through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ and how to maintain that relationship.

As we enter 2023, we have such high expectations for the new year, but for many, 2023 has not began the way they envisioned it. JC, who is a life coach, teaches many of his clients that you have to have a plan – a goal and making it something that we enjoy doing.

John 17:13, “…that they may have the full measure of MY joy within them.” Jesus is the very Source of our joy. Not things, achievements, accomplishments, money made but Jesus is our joy. The Apostle Paul says, “I die daily…” It all begins and ends with Jesus.

We dive into Psalms 139 and ask every listener to read this Psalms every morning for (30) days and then journal what stands out to you. Just a glimpse is “O Lord, You have searched me and know me…” This Psalms reminds us that God has a perfect knowledge of us, describes us as fearfully and wonderfully made and that God’s thoughts towards us are precious. Think about that, God not only thinks we are marvelous, but when He thinks about us, the thought is precious. Wow! We don’t even think about ourselves in such high esteem as God does.

We also discussed leadership Guru, John C. Maxwell and his year end questions. Reflection questions, the now question and the forward questions to prepare us for the new year.

So,when God opens our eyes in Joy City we can clearly celebrate others for our differences, we can support one another in our efforts and we can cheer one another on in the spirit of unity and when One wins we all win. Every tribe and nation under heaven, worshipping God as one. As the Apostle Paul says, “may we fight for the UNITY of the faith in the bond of peace…”

No one can come face to face with what God is like and ever be the same. Welcome to Joy City. Seeing His true image, touches the depths of our soul and beholding His glory will renew our minds, transform us and give us strength to live this life for Him. Come on in, where the table is spread and the feast of the Lord is going on. I want to invite you to be a part, a resident of Joy City. A place where the Body becomes stronger and our love for others only increases.

I’ve enjoyed being your host and you can comment below, or email me at pastorstuart@lifeconnection4christ.org or call me at (209) 522-3583.