A Pastor's Heartbeat


Hello, and welcome to today’s Joy City podcast, I’m your host, Stuart Welch the Lead Pastor of Life Connection Church located in Modesto, CA and even in Joy City we shed tears, voice frustrations and struggle to deal with the tragedies of this life. However, our JOY is found in the Rock, Jesus Christ and it is in Him we rejoice. 

I am excited to welcome my guest today, Chelsea Johnson. Chelsea is the head girl’s basketball coach at Amos P. Godbee High School . She also host a podcast called The Servant Leader Podcast and  April 2022 makes 2 years. We will cover a lot today and you will hear some tremendous insight, a few actionable tips that you can implement to grow in your pursuit of God, and I am confident that you will find at the very least some mild amusement along the way too. 

Chelsea welcome to the show. So much has happened over the last year, since the last time we spoke…preparing finally for a season, I was transitioning to a new church and you were transitioning to becoming a new mom….wow, so how did all that go? Chelsea and her husband welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Hendrix and the experience has been such a wonderful blessing. She has been coaching for (13) years and has so many mothers give her advice and she has encountered so many styles so she gleans a bit from all of them but is thankful for her own mother, who raised her and her siblings as a single mom. 

So now, your not only coaching young ladies, but your own daughter, how do you integrate the two? Love, love and more love. “”May the work I’ve done speak for itself…” is her mantra. Her team and the young ladies around watch as she and those in her village serve. We don’t Bible beat, but may our light shine in a different way that makes people want to be curious. 

Prayer is not forced, but after their 4 years they want to lead prayer at practice or games. Her biggest thing is action, not just words. So as an alumni of Amos P. Godbee High, she can truly relate with the young people. Chelsea also spoke on facing challenges and triumphing over them and always being there for everyone, creating an atmosphere that displays Christ is the head of her life. Her joy is hearing and seeing the transformation of lives to a life lived in Christ. 

So when God opens our eyes in Joy City we can clearly celebrate others for our differences, we can support one another in our efforts and we can cheer one another on in the spirit of unity and when One wins we all win. 

No one can come face to face with what God is like and ever be the same. Welcome to Joy City. Seeing His true image, touches the depths of our soul and beholding His glory will renew our minds, transform us and give us strength to live this life for Him. Come on in, where the table is spread and the feast of the Lord is going on. I want to invite you to be a part, a resident of Joy City. A place where the Body becomes stronger and our love for others only increases. 

I’ve enjoyed being your host and you can comment below, or email me at pastorstuart@lifeconnection4christ.org or call me at (209) 522-3583.