A Pastor's Heartbeat


Hello, and welcome to today’s Joy City podcast, I’m your host, Stuart Welch the Lead Pastor of Life Connection Church located in Modesto, CA. If you are familiar with the show, thank you for your support and encouragement – if you are new to the show, I want to welcome you and let you know that our central theme is God and our relationship to Him through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ and how to maintain that relationship. 

I got Josh Helton on the show today, Josh is just one of those dudes….ha ha ha, the kind you meet and just gravitate to – like you wanna hang out with Josh. I haven’t known this brother long, just a month or so after meeting him – I mean we had lunch in order to get an understanding of who we are as brothers and I think it’s a growing relationship from there. 

Josh, welcome to Joy City brother – how are you? Josh is married (Jaimie) with 3 kids (22, 13 and 8) and they are what we know as a blended family. Josh and Jaimie also have 2 grandkids. 

Josh talks about raising kids, giving them grace and how him and his wife work together to keep their family moving forward. Staying centered around Jesus is key in their marriage and with their children. They want to not just talk it but really live it out by forgiving one another and loving one another. 

Josh is the student pastor and works at Youth for Christ and talks about finding balance between marriage, church and work. At work and church he counts it blessed to be able to connect with young people who may not have the same “home life” as his family does. He understands that as coming from a divorced home and abandoned by his father and seeing his mom struggle. He is not a stranger to that life, so he wants to be gracious and loving, simply walking alongside young people in their struggles. 

You can reach Josh at his church Celebration Church in Modesto, CA. or his Youth for Christ email: Jhelton@cvyouth.org.

So when God opens our eyes in Joy City we can clearly celebrate others for our differences, we can support one another in our efforts and we can cheer one another on in the spirit of unity and when One wins we all win. 

No one can come face to face with what God is like and ever be the same. Welcome to Joy City. Seeing His true image, touches the depths of our soul and beholding His glory will renew our minds, transform us and give us strength to live this life for Him. Come on in, where the table is spread and the feast of the Lord is going on. I want to invite you to be a part, a resident of Joy City. A place where the Body becomes stronger and our love for others only increases. 

I’ve enjoyed being your host and you can comment below, or email me at pastorstuart@lifeconnection4christ.org or call me at (209) 522-3583.