The Body of Christ is made up of different people from several different walks of life and at Life Connection Church, we believe our leadership should demonstrate that. Every voice is valuable and we want to hear yours too.


Stuart (M. Div. Fuller Theological Seminary) & Chrystal Welch

Pastor Stuart serves as Lead Pastor of Life Connection Church. What is it you look for in a pastor? Someone who is compassionate and courageous enough to follow Scripture? How about someone who enjoys working alongside of and not over others? Or maybe you like a person who enjoys community outreach and even serving non-believers? A person with a business background? Education? Maybe it's just a solid teacher/preacher of the Bible? Whatever it may be, I simply ask for a moment of your time, to enjoy a great cup of coffee and have a conversation with me about this journey called life. I'm certain that in one area or another, we will find connection and possibly agreement. One thing I am sure of, loving Jesus and sharing Him with others, is something we all seek in our lives. Welcome to Life Connection Church.

Board of Administration

Christian Education Director

Jim Yardy

Hospitality Chairperson

Linda Stovall


Becky Titsworth


Albino "Cowboy" Moreno

Youth Representative

Bryce Costa

Members At Large

Donna Cohagan
Ramon Godoy
LCC Leadership
Heather Talamante


Hugh Costa
Kim Wright


Paul Kline
Don Davis
Jeff Doppenburg
LCC Leadership
Art Talamante
Mike Houston
LCC Leadership
Mike Stephens-Chairperson

Pastor's Cabinet

LCC Leadership
Mike Mecia
Herb Shaw
Barbara Burns
Shelly Billington
Richard Cohagan
Diane Hinkley